What is version scheduling and how can I schedule a version of a Collection | Category?

Merchants can now schedule versions of a Collection | Category page on the Tagalys dashboard.

Merchants can now create different versions of a Collection | Category page and schedule them for different time periods. The versions enable you to create schedules for features such as pinning, boosting, and demoting products for different time periods ahead of time.

To learn how to create, edit and delete a scheduled version, follow the steps mentioned below.

Creating a scheduled version:

  • On a merchandising edit page of a Collection | Category, make the desired changes. In order to schedule this version, click on the 'Schedule' option next to the Save button.
  •  From the pop-up, select the start date and end date of the version. Users also have the option of not selecting an end date as well. (This means that once the scheduled version is active, it will remain active forever unless there is another version scheduled) 
  • Once a version is scheduled, you can find it under the Scheduled tab after clicking on the 'Versions' button towards the top right. You can add relevant notes as well to the scheduled version.
  • Between the time one scheduled version ends and the next one begins, merchants have the option to set a 'Revert version' that the Collection | Category page will revert to until the next schedule begins. To learn more about revert versions, click here.
Editing a scheduled version:
  • To make changes to a scheduled version, click on the 'Versions' button and select the required version under the 'Scheduled' tab.
  • Once the scheduled page loads, you can make the necessary changes to the merchandising (changing the sort order, pinning products, demoting products etc).
  • You can make changes to the start and end date of the version as well, by simply clicking on the edit icon next to the scheduled date and time.
  • Once the necessary changes have been made, click on 'Update'.
To delete a scheduled version:
  • To delete a scheduled version, click on 'Versions'.
  • Under the 'Scheduled' tab, hover over the version that you would like to delete and click on the delete icon. Enter 'DELETE' in the dialogue box from the pop-up and click on Delete. 
  • Please note that you cannot delete a scheduled version while you are on the merchandising edit page of the version.
  • From the 'Versions' window, click on the 'Current version' card at the top and then proceed to delete the required version.

If you'd like to learn more about scheduling versions, contact our support team.