What are Configurable Product Performance Metrics?

These metrics provide additional product performance insights across the previous 30-day period (default segment), at the store level. Now merchants can request two other additional day-wise (< 30 days) segments to track their product performance.

The default product performance metrics available across all plans are the Views, Add to carts, and Units sold for the last 30- day time frame, for each product across the online store. Apart from the 30-day segment, merchants could request any two other additional segments like 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, etc. 

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Most online retailers rely on personal judgment, external insights, and historical data to execute their merchandising strategies. But the process is manual, time-consuming, tedious, and does not guarantee efficiency & effective merchandising.  

Online-Visual-Product-Merchandising-for-eCommerce-Product-Listing-PagesTagalys empowers merchants to conduct effective merchandising with access to Product performance data  

Advanced product metrics are available for each product at the Store Level.

These Store Level metrics are based on the visitor engagement data on the product across the entire store (Search, Category | Collection, Product Recommendations, Product detail pages) in a 30-day or any two other segments. Currently, the 30-day metrics are available by default for all merchants. Latest update to these features presents the merchants to request for two additional segments of metrics (<30 days) that can be configured exclusively as per your business requirements.

Please contact support@tagalys.com to request for these metrics. These metrics can also be used for product sorting. 


With Tagalys, merchants have an array of product or store performance metrics to choose from, that they feel are best suited to gauge the effectiveness of their category or collection merchandising strategies.

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