What is your SLA for any issue resolution?

As a part of the Service Level Standards, we will use our best efforts to remedy any defects in the functioning of the Product within the below-mentioned timelines, based on the categorization of a defect. These SLAs are not applicable to Enterprise customers or those with customized pricing plans. Customer-specific SLA's will be available for Enterprise Clients. 

Severity Type Definition  Response Time  Targeted Resolution Time 
L1 Customer's business is severely impacted such that:

1. The online store cannot proceed with ANY business activity or
2. There is a potential direct loss of greater than 50% of online business revenue compared to the previous month, directly caused by a Tagalys powered API e.g., Search API stops working and no products are visible on search results
< 1 hour  < 24 hours 
L2 Limited or zero impact to the front end of the online store directly caused by a Tagalys powered API change e.g., Product Sorting slows down or stops working due to slower processing of analytics data, unable to login to Tagalys dashboard < 12 hours  < 48 hours 
L3 No impact to the online business  directly caused by a Tagalys powered API change e.g., Front end sorting not working due to 3rd party vendors code, products are not visible on the Tagalys dashboard as the sync file is delayed to the cron or settings or some other change in the platform < 24 hours  Based on time and effort estimation 
L4 Any issue or change required by a specific customer, outside of the existing functionality of the product. e,g., UIUX breaks in the front end for Site Search, due to another platform side change 48-72 hours  Based on time and effort estimation