What is a merchandising timeline graph?

Merchandising timeline graph helps merchants analyze how collections have performed in a time frame w.r.t merchandising changes in a Category | Collection.

Merchants can now analyze the performance of a Category | Collection based on the merchandising changes made in a timeline. This graph records the last ten recent merchandising changes made on any given day. 

Metrics like 'Unique visitors who viewed the product', 'Unique add to carts', 'Unique orders', 'Click-through Rate', and 'Revenue' are available in the reports. 

Here is an example of a merchandising timeline graph for the 'Click-through Rate' metric after a change has been made to a Category | Collection.

Products Report for Demo Call - All Products - Tagalys


The merchandising timeline graph can be viewed under the category | collections report. 

To view the merchandising history, you can hover over the circles (versions) and click on them. You can also view the version number, date & time, and by whom the changes were made.


Clicking on the circles opens up the version in a new tab.