What is version history in a Category | Collection page?

Version history allows merchandisers to view older versions of product merchandising assigned to a Category | Collection.

Version history is a feature in the Tagalys dashboard that tracks the merchandising changes on a category | collection page for the last 30 days. Every time a change is made and saved, a new version is created. This allows you to revisit the previous merchandising setup and restore (Coming Soon) an older version if required.

  • To view the previous versions of a category | collection, click on the 'version history' icon.VH-Collections-Tagalys
The versions along with the date, time, and the person who made the last change can now be viewed for all Categories | Collections.VH-Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys
  • Click on the version you would like to view and then click on 'Continue' to navigate.VH-Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys1
  • Now you can view the previous version and make changes to the existing merchandising setup if required. Now you can view what changes were made in a version such as product sorting and curation, Global sort option, etc.
  • The ability to restore any of the older versions of merchandising will be launched soon.VH-Collections-Tagalys-2


Click here to learn about viewing the merchandising versions on the Category | Collection reports