What are 'Search Suggestions' in Site Search?

The ‘Search Suggestions’ are the very first point of visitor engagement opportunities between a merchant and its online visitors who enter the Search funnel. 

There are four components that comprise of 'Search Suggestion' tab - 'Recent Searches', 'Pinned and Popular Searches', 'Text Suggestions', and 'Visual Product Suggestions'.

'Recent Searches' displays the results of the last five searches that were performed by an individual visitor over the past 30 days.

Recent Searches

‘Popular Searches’ displays the results of top unique search terms across your online store over the past 30 days, that contain search results during the current day.

Pinned and popul

‘Pinned Searches’ are search terms that you can pin above the ‘Popular Searches’ to persuade your visitors in the search funnel to what should perceive as "Popular Searches".

'Text Suggestions' are a list of pre-filtered search terms that match the 'Search' query entered by the customer based on the prefix match. 

Text sug

'Visual Product Suggestions' display a list of products that have a prefix match with the 'Search' query and are sorted by the order of 'Trending score'.  Visual