What is Trending Score or T-Score?

Trending is the default sort order from Tagalys, that's defined by the T-score, to identify products that are perceived as trending, based on historical 30-day visitor engagement data

'T-score' is an algorithmic score that helps in showcasing products that have a higher probability of visitor engagement based on the previous 30 days of visitor engagement data.  This uses multiple fields like Product Score, Tag Score, Date Score, and Boost Score from past and present data to interpret the performance of each product.

In addition, the merchant has the flexibility of promoting or demoting a product in their catalog by providing an additional boost score.

The Trending Score or T-Score is calculated for all the products across the site once every 24 hours based on user engagement data. Tagalys detects these patterns, to ensure the results are sorted considering historical engagement data, to predict the highest probability of future engagement.