How to access the smart widgets recommendations report?

The 'Smart Widgets' feature enables you to create customized recommendations widgets that can be embedded into the store front-end. These widgets can be merchandised similar to a category or collections page.

To access the 'smart widgets' report, navigate to the left side of the Tagalys dashboard and click on the 'smart widgets' report under the 'Reports' section. 

image (7)

The following page will be displayed once you enter the 'smart widget' reports section. In this report, you will find a summary of the user engagement for the Smart widgets with performance metrics like 'Product views,' 'CTR', 'Add to cart,' 'Revenue,' 'Conversion rate,' etc.

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To learn more about how this report can be compared and generated for a custom or a standard duration of time, click here.

This report can be downloaded as well, click here to learn how to download a report.

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