What are 'Synonyms' and how to use them effectively in the Tagalys dashboard?

Two or more words can be considered as ‘Synonyms’ if and only if they share the same meaning.

The ‘Synonyms’ feature in the Tagalys dashboard can be effectively used with the search query data available at your online store. The ‘No results searches’ report gives a complete list of queries that did not find products in the search index. This report is available on the dashboard in the below location.

Login to Tagalys Dashboard -> Reports -> No Results Searches 

Adding Synonyms in Tagalys Dashboard

Sort the ‘No results searches’ list by descending order of ‘Unique Visitors’. Pick the queries that have a sizeable volume and analyze if your product catalog actually contains it. We recommend applying the Pareto principle (80:20) to prioritize the queries in the list.