What are 'Synonyms' in search and how to use them?

Two or more words that have similar meanings should be treated as 'Synonyms' in the Tagalys dashboard. This helps improve the relevance of search results.

A group of words that have similar meanings is called 'Synonyms'. Two different users can be searching for the same product using different names. For e.g., 'Pants' and 'Trousers' are different words with the same meaning. Grouping words together as 'Synonyms' can help visitors get the right products even if they search for them using different words to describe the product. 

A word or list of words can be listed as 'One-Way' or 'Two-Way' Synonym of a particular word. 

'Synonyms' can be accessed from the 'Search Analysis' section in the Tagalys dashboard.


Here is an example of a 'Synonym Set'

Synonyms 1