Features on the Tagalys dashboard that makes your account secure

The dashboard contains critical information about your online store and any changes made on the dashboard will impact the front-end of your store. Tagalys has introduced the following features to make your account more secure.

Secure login

You can log in to the Tagalys dashboard using your registered email address or a secure authentication system. Click here to learn more about different ways to log in to the dashboard. 

Limited Parallel logins

Users will be able to perform up to three parallel logins. When you try and login into a fourth browser, the earliest login will be logged out. Click here to learn more about active sessions.

Two-factor authentication

You have the option of using a two-factor authentication setup to make your account more secure. Click here to learn more about how to set up two-factor authentication.

Secured areas within the Dashboard

Certain sections within the dashboard like UIUX customization that contain sensitive information which could impact your store's front end are now secured and would require you to authenticate while accessing them. Users will be required to authenticate within a particular time frame while accessing secured areas. When the time frame to log in is exceeded, users will be asked to log in once again.