What are the ways to 'Boost' products using merchandising?

'Boosts' are numeric values added to the T-Score, using product attributes and analytics based on business requirements. A Boost impacts the T-score and product positions where Trending is set as the sort order.

Merchants have the ability to dynamically promote or demote selected products while merchandising by using attributes, fields, and analytics data. This can be done to prioritize certain products over others, within a Category or Collection, based on business requirements.

Products are promoted or demoted within a Category or Collection based on the 'Trending score' or 'T-Score'. In cases where there is a requirement to display certain products on top or bottom of the Category or Collection page, a boost can be applied to alter the T-score by adding a positive or negative numerical value. 

There are three types of Boosts available in Tagalys: