What are 'Ignore Words' in 'Search Analysis'?

'Ignore Words' is applied to make the search more effective by ignoring certain words when they apply to most of the products in the product catalog and hence not mentioned in the product catalog.

A merchant can use 'Ignore Words' to completely ignore or not show search results for certain words if they are part of a search query. 

  • Redundant words: Words that are repeated or redundant in search queries can be ignored. For e.g., If your online store is a men's apparel brand, and if you think the word 'Men' is redundant and not part of the Product Catalog information, the word 'Men' can be marked as part of 'Ignore words'.
  • Filler words: You may simply want to ignore or exclude filler words that are frequently used in search queries. For e.g., 'a,' 'an,' 'the,' 'but,' 'by,' etc. These words are redundant and can be a part of 'Ignore Words'. 

To add an Ignore word, please follow the below steps.

  • Login to your Tagalys dashboard and click on 'Search Analysis'.
  • Click on 'Ignore Word'.
  • Type in the word or list of words (hit enter to add) that needs to be ignored during the search and click on save.
  • There will be a notification '"Ignore Words" are currently being processed for this store'.
  • Once the sync is complete the word 'men' will be ignored during the search.

Please Note: