What is a 'Merchandised Search'?

'Merchandised Search' gives you the ability to control the products that can or cannot be displayed in a search result and the order in which they are displayed.

To optimize for conversion rate,  Search results powered by Tagalys are based on an exact match of the query and are sorted by the 'Trending' algorithm, not 'Relevance'.  The relevance of products displayed in the search results is controlled using Search Accuracy.  There may be instances where the merchant would like to influence the search results based on their insights from retail experience and changing business requirements. This is one of the reasons when you should merchandise a search result. 

Tagalys search uses the product information available in the catalog from the eCommerce platform that is enabled for Search using Search Accuracy. In cases where this information might be inaccurate or has false positives, merchandising can be used to improve the quality of search results. 

For e.g., if you are promoting black dresses in your store as part of a marketing campaign, you could create a 'Merchandised Search' to also promote black dresses when a visitor searches for "dress". 



A 'Search Boost' is created for the products with the colour 'Black' in order to promote them to the top of search results.


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Click here to learn about how to create a 'Merchandised Search'.

Features available are