How to integrate offline sales data into Tagalys and use it for Merchandising?

  1. Go to your platform admin (e.g., Magento) and create a new attribute to track the offline data. The data could be anything like 30 day - Revenue, 30 day - Units Sold etc., using which you wish to merchandise your online store.

  2. Most merchants add their offline sales data to each product using methods like a CSV Import and having an API that updates this field. 
  3. Once the tags are added to the products, please ensure you Sync the Attribute to Tagalys
  4. After Syncing the Attributes to Tagalys, you can use the Offline data to Merchandise categories or collections in Tagalys.
  5. Below is a screenshot is taken from a Test Magento Store, where the 'Offline Boost' is a custom attribute, with a tag  '20-50', that could be a representation of the offline engagement data assigned to the product

  6. You can also use the same Attribute for Merchandising in Global Sort Options, Global Boosts, and Local Boosts